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Please read and understand the following points before entering a Spot Bonus or gift taxation amount:

  1. You may use this site to enter a Spot Bonus, or other gift to an employee that requires taxation. 

  2. All Gift Cards must be purchased through eGifter Rewards, following the protocols outlined here.  Gift card taxation flows through that process and does not need to be entered here. 

  3. This site may NOT be used to enter regular stipends.  Spot Bonuses and gifts have different financial coding and TRS reporting requirements.

  4. Spot Bonuses and Gift Cards may NOT be used to compensate for time worked.

  5. All gifts to employees are taxable, regardless of the amount, other than food consumed at meetings or team gatherings, or swag.

  6. Spot (Appreciation) Bonuses are nominal in amount, not to exceed $100.00, and given as a "thank you" for employees.  

By clicking on the button below, I attest that I have the budget authority or the approval from a budget owner to make such a request and that I understand the rules as outlined above.  

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